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For Practitioners: Have you considered adding electro-lymphatic therapy to your current practice??

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

I am just back from a business trip in the San Diego area! While there I had the opportunity to meet with the developer of our Lymph Drainage XP2, Sky David of Sky David Lymphatics! It was wonderful to hear from Sky about the early days of lymphatic therapy and how things have progressed in the area of lymphatic therapy. If you are a licensed natural health care practitioner, such as a massage therapist, acupuncturist, chiropractor, OT or PT, and are considering adding an amazing detox modality to your current practice, please consider electro-lymphatic therapy. To learn more about what health conditions may benefit from electro-lymphatic therapy, please go to: OR contact us directly at (847) 987-1554. 

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