“Focus Ahead Program”             


  • Evaluation including the Zyto Basic Scan, Advanced Scan and Wellness Food Scan followed up with a detailed e-mail including recommended supplements and a specific protocol for your child.

  • 20-30 min. Phone Consult to go over the report and protocol  




               “Leap Ahead Group Program”        


  • Includes the Zyto Advanced Scan, as well as Basic Scan and Wellness Food Scan in person

  • Follow up with an e-mailed report with recommendations and a specific protocol. 

  • Access to Kathy O’Reilley to ask specific questions by phone or text up to 4x per month 

  • Coaching offered twice per month for 3 months to provide following through and accountability with the protocol. Modules sent by e-mail will address the various aspects of natural health issues affecting them, such as digestion, elimination, sleep, focus/learning, socialization, etc. Weekly modules may include hand outs as well as a link for a Zoom meeting twice per month.