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                    “Leap Ahead Program” 

   If you are new to the idea of how nutritional supplementation as well as possible dietary changes may promote your child's health and overall functioning, then the “Leap Ahead Program” could be the optimal way to complement the other therapies that your child may receiving, such as Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy or ABA.      


  • Includes the Zyto Advanced Scan, as well as Basic Scan and Wellness Food Scan in person

  • Follow up with an e-mailed report with recommendations and a specific protocol. 

  • Access to Kathy O’Reilley to ask specific questions by phone or text up to 4x per month 

  • Coaching offered for 30 min. two times per month for 3 months. Coaching will provide the necessary accountability and support with the protocol, which many families find extremely helpful. Modules, sent by e-mail, will address the specific aspects of the natural health issues affecting the client, such as digestion, elimination, sleep, socialization,  focus and learning.



(includes a12 wk. program with ongoing accountability and support)


                     “Focus Ahead Program” 

       If you have a specific area of concern that you would like addressed in your child, such as focus/attention, sleep, digestion/elimination, or behavioral issues/sensory regulation using a holistic method of supplementation and/or dietary changes, this more specific program may be ideal for your situation. 


  • Evaluation including the Zyto Basic Scan, Advanced Scan and Wellness Food Scan followed up with a detailed e-mail including recommended supplements and a specific protocol for your child. Protocol will be implemented over 8 wks. 

  • 20-30 min. Phone Consult to go over the report and protocol.  



  for an 8 wk. protocol 


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