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  • Kathy O'Reilley, ND

How we pack a One Two Punch to Lyme Disease here at Spectrum Recovery

Here at Spectrum Recovery we have a unique approach to Lyme Disease. First, we use a bio-energetic device to assess whether or not we are looking at an active case of Lyme Disease as compared to simply an exposure to Lyme Disease. Then we take a close look at the immune system, specifically at the overall bacterial load to see whether or not the immune system is capable of mounting a strong enough attack against the Lyme Disease and other co-morbid infections. From that point, a client is set up with a protocol using specific homeopathic remedies to go after the specific strain or strains of Lyme that a client may have. While undergoing this homeopathic protocol, a client is strongly encouraged to receive electro-lymphatic therapy (ELT), and/or other detoxification modalities. The reason that we recommend electro-lymphatic therapy (ELT) is because the Lyme bacteria seems to hide in the lymph nodes or interstitial spaces or the blood. Given the gentle suctioning response of the lymphatic fluid thru the use of ELT, there is an improved chance of helping the body to detoxify out the Lyme bacteria. If you are interested in discussing your specific situation, please feel free to call Kathy O'Reilley at (847) 987-1554.

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