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  • Kathy O'Reilley, ND

Benefits of the Spring Cleanse

What benefits can you expect from a spring cleanse? 1.) Your digestive tract will be "washed and brushed" of accumulated waste and putrefactive bacteria. 2.) Your liver, kidney and blood can be purified, impossible under ordinary eating patterns and habits. 3.) Your mental clarity will receive a boost, not possible under the constant overload of chemicals and food additives. 4.) Possible dependency on habit-forming refined sugars, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol or drugs is relieved as body chemistry normalizes. 5.) Bad eating habits get a break...with a new chance for you to reform better diet patterns. 6.) Your stomach has a chance to reduce to normal size for weight loss and better weight control."

"A 'spring cleaning' detox is a wonderful breath of fresh air for your body after a long, closed-in winter. A mild spring cleanse is an important, yearly vitality technique no matter how healthy you are." [Excerpt taken from "Healthy Healing's Detoxification" by Linda Page, Ph.D, Traditional Naturopath

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