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Electro-Lymphatic Drainage Most Effective Means To Reduce Toxins

Here at Spectrum Recovery - Detox and Immune Support, we believe that electro-lymphatic drainage is one of the most effective means to detoxification. One session alone can reduce toxin load by as much as 50% as proven by blood work and thermography. To explain the need for detoxification, consider the following quote by the American Cancer Society:

"Think of viruses, bacteria, and parasites as hostile, foreign armies that are not normally found in your body. They try to invade your body to use its resources to serve their own purposes, and they can hurt you in the process. In fact, doctors often use the word foreign to describe invading germs or other substances not normally found in the body. The immune system is your body's defense force. It helps keep invading germs out, or helps kill them if they do get into your body." - American Cancer Society

To schedule your electro-lymphatic drainage session today, contact us at:

(847) 987-1554

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